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Choose 1 bento box on the list. Orders come with Miso soup, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, chopstick, spoon, forks and napkins.

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BEEF BENTO BOX: White rice, beef sautéed with sweet pepper sauce, shumai, garden salad, ½ sushi roll

CHICKEN BENTO BOX: White rice, Japanese fried chicken, shumai, garden salad, ½ sushi roll

SHRIMP BENTO BOX:4 pcs sushi, Shumai, Salad , white rice , shrimp sautéed with teriyaki sauce and assorted veggies.

SUSHI BENTO BOX: ½ sushi roll, 3 pcs nigiri & Sashimi (salmon, tuna, yellow tail), shumai, and soba salad.

TOFU BENTO BOX: White rice, fried tofu, shumai, garden salad, ½ sushi roll

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Bento Boxes

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